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For over 25 years, Bishop Robert Stearns has been a leading voice in global interfaith dialogue, specifically as a trusted bridge builder between the Jewish and Christian communities. On that journey, he has had the privilege of cultivating friendships with some of the leading Rabbis and leaders around the globe. As a result of these many rich relationships, an outpouring comes forth uncovering deep truths of living a life set apart in holiness, to and from both Christian and Jewish perspectives. Like the roots versus the branches of a tree, one springs from the other in a beautiful compliment of the whole. Join Bishop Stearns and guest Rabbi’s for a fascinating and unforgettable conversation on the new Podcast "The Bishop & The Rabbi", featuring discussion on the Hebrew scriptures from Jewish and Christian viewpoints, current events in America and the Middle East, and the future of Jewish-Christian cooperation. Additionally, “At the Crossroads: the intersection between faith and culture” Podcasts will explore the place where faith and culture intersect. Where scripture and daily life dwell together and where worship becomes lifestyle.
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